Agni offers...

  • A welcoming and nurturing studio environment.
  • Knowledgeable and supportive instructors.
  • An accessible yet challenging practice.

The practice will...

  • Build strength and tone the body
  • Release physical tension and increase flexibility
  • Raise energy and increase vitality
  • Develop focus and cultivate equanimity of mind.


I discovered Agni a few years ago while searching online for a studio close to home. The previous studio was closing, so there was some pressure to find a new home quickly. Agni was a new studio, so I had not heard anything about it. Although it was a little confusing finding the entrance, I was immediately impressed with the space. It is quite comfortable. It feels like a yoga studio without having an overly spiritualistic atmosphere, the feel of a retail strip mall, or the chaos and clatter of a gym or fitness center.

Mike Wojitski

I began yoga due to herniated disc in my back and had 3 knee surgeries and wanted to build strength in my legs. If I do yoga at least once or twice a week my back during the week is for the most part great. I have built strength in my legs and arms from my yoga practice as well. Plus, it has really helped me to have that once or twice a week concentration on my breathing. The instructors at Agni really seem to care. With the amount of injuries I have, the instructors (especially Marty) seem to understand and help me conform my practice. They assist me in making sure that my practice is a safe and healthy one. One of the things I like about Agni is that it is never the same practice. They switch up the classes and make them challenging and slightly different. I almost always come out of my practices feeling like I had done work, but, so much more relaxed inside and out.

Rebecca Saferstein

I enjoy the atmosphere at Agni. The teachers are knowledgeable and friendly. Also, the times classes are offered suit my varied schedule. I decided to buy the very reasonably priced monthly package Now I can go as often as I want and I see that I'm stronger and have more endurance. Every time I attend a class I learn something new.

Kay Rosenblum

I decided to to take my first yoga class at 48 when it became clear that my daily meditation was not enough to quiet my very active mind and that being middle aged came with the additional bonus of scattered sleep, slower metabolism and tighter muscles. Ugh! After buying a 3 month special package from Marty I was hooked! The changes in my mind and body were undeniable. I stepped out of my introverted comfort zone, committed to showing up more days a week than not and have loved every moment of growth since then. Marty and his instructors have been exceptional at helping me gain strength and awareness throughout my entire body and let go of the mental clutter. Every class seems to offer the perfect balance of strength and ease. I'm in awe of Marty's ability to know exactly when and how to help me learn and adjust in each pose ( especially the reminder to breath). My best advice to anyone is that if there is a voice in your head that says " try yoga... it might help" listen to it :) I can no longer imagine a life with yoga. Quiet Mind~Active Body~Grateful Heart

Jennifer Newlin

I started practicing at Agni 1.5 years ago after I had back and shoulder surgery. During physical therapy, I realized that many of the exercises were yoga postures. So I decided to cut out the middle man. At the same time, Agni Power Yoga offered a great special. I read the reviews and decided to try it. My first months at Agni were challenging. Post-surgery, I had not been allowed physical activity for 6 month, so in addition to recovery, I needed to transcend my slug-like state and improve my outlook on life. Agni turned out to be an amazing choice. The instructors were patient and kind. They offered me alternatives when asanas were difficult. They also gently challenged me as my practice, confidence, and strength grew. I like power yoga because it combines the wonderful meditative elements of yoga with physical rigor. The warm room is perfect – not hot yoga but warm enough to coax muscles towards flexibility. And I sweat buckets every time which makes me feel like I have worked hard. As a result of practicing at Agni, I have regained the strength and flexibility that I had prior to surgery. In fact, I am probably stronger. Practicing helps me feel calm and confident and helps prepare me for and even relish the challenges that life brings.

Lisa Gunther

Practicing at Agni has changed my life, both inside and out. From the first time I took a class with Marty four years ago, the studio was warm, welcoming and not at all intimidating for a beginner like I was. And in the years since, Agni's emphasis on body-acceptance and non-judgment has helped strengthen both my physical and mental health. I've developed greater flexibility, upper body strength and overall tone. Better yet, every time I leave class feeling calmer and more balanced than when I walked in. In an otherwise hectic world, Agni has truly become a refuge for my body, mind and soul.

Cristen Conger

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