Agni Power Yoga

Welcome to Agni Power Yoga
“True meditation is about being fully present with everything that is
- including discomfort and challenges.
 It is not an escape from life. "
 ~ Craig Hamilton
in sanskrit means "to place in a special way," and is generally accepted to mean flow when describing a yoga class.  We work to synchronize movement and breath to transition with intention and awareness through a series of dynamic postures logically sequenced to strengthen, open and energize the body.

Tapas in sanskrit means "heat, fire, and cleanse;" as well as discipline. The physical body is heated by the movement, breath, and postures.  Vinyassa yoga is also a mindfulness practice. Continuously bringing our attention into our actions and sensations develops our capacity to hold a one-pointed focus so that the flame of the mind burns steady. 

Santosha in sanskrit means "contentment," not to be confused with complacency.  Contentment requires both compassion and non-attachment.  Practicing compassion means developing self awareness without judgement.  We tend to place value judgements on ourselves based on how well we do something. Observing these thoughts and feelings as they come up, rather than identifying with them, turns them into fuel for the fire of discriminating awareness.

Yoga in sanskrit means "to yoke together, to unite, to join." Yoga is one of six schools of Indian philosophy and is generally understood to be a discipline of mind, body, and spirit.  We practice non-attachment by aligning our awareness, intentions and actions while surrendering their results.

Located in the Old 4th Ward

655 Highland Ave NE #2  Atlanta, GA 30312

Enter the building from Sampson St. through the door under the yellow awning and follow the arrows upstairs.

Street parking or use the lot behind the church on corley st. anytime except Sunday morning.
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