Agni Power Yoga is Closing 2/6/16 and will reopen with a new name under new management in a few weeks. Sign up for news and updates from the new management below.

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Dear beloved Agni Power Yoga students,

It is with a heavy but loving heart that I write to you to let you know that Agni Power Yoga will be closing its doors Saturday, February 6.  For a variety of reasons, it no longer makes sense to continue in our current capacity and I will be transitioning out of the studio space and back home to family.

I will miss each of you more than you can imagine and this is an incredibly difficult decision to make, but at the end of the day I do believe it is the correct one, not only for myself, but for your practice and continued devotion to yoga here in Inman Park.  

While the details have not fully sorted themselves out yet, there will be renovations and construction underway shortly and you will hear more from future management about the direction of the studio under a different name.  Those of you with current packages at Agni will have those packages honored.  For those of you who we haven't seen in a bit, I encourage you to give the new studio space a chance, as they have some great fresh ideas and classes in store.  I think you'll be pleasantly surprised!

So please bear with us, more details to come as everything is finalized, but I wanted to reach out so you don't lose hope in Agni and that you have a reminder that your yoga home has not departed, just getting a facelift over the next few weeks.  

Please, stay tuned, we look forward to sending more details your way as they come to fruition! Thank you for your support and for sharing your practice with me over the years.

Much love,